Monday, August 13, 2012

PItching SpaGypsies

I'll be pitching SpaGypsies tomorrow to a group of VC investors at a Startup event in New York tomorrow, August 14th at 3pm.  I'll be one of our 45 companies with a 1 minute "show and tell" to the 13 venture capitalists, which will follow with the 4 finalists doing a 4 minute pitch to the VC's and audience.  My upside is that I've done this before and my concept for the SpaGypsies website is quite unique.  The downside is that I am not a 20 something.  I was a lot cuter then, but I'm a lot smarter now.  So the upside to my pitch tomorrow is much greater than I might give myself credit for.  I've got a great COO/CFO who has come on board.  I've worked with him in the past, and I know his integrity, work ethic and even his very nice wife.  I've got a CIO in place now who has amazing credentials and my COO has worked with him extensively for a long time.  We're prepped, practiced and ready to roll tomorrow.

Here's the SpaGypsies elevator pitch as I'll be pitching it in my 30 second spot tomorrow.  Let me know what you think and if you understand the proposition:

SpaGypsies is a revenue generating niche social network for people who want to share their passion for spas, fitness, nutrition, health and wellness and spirituality with others who have like interests.

       The only complete spa directory online.
       We have consumer reviews, state health licensing, inspection and issue status.
       It is a desktop and mobile web App, at launch.  Building iPhone, iPad and Android Apps.
       It is commerce enabled. 

SpaGypsies is a collective group of personalized interest areas of members.  Spa, salons, gyms and fitness center will be launched with state licensing status.  Other interest areas at launch will include spirituality, nutrition, beauty and wellness. 

We are creating a niche network for community engagement, content, publishing and commerce around the spa, salon and wellness niche, which is a part of large consumer verticals of travel, hospitality, leisure, beauty, health and wellness and retail industries.

The SpaGypsies target demographic is Boomer Women and their daughters.  People like me.  My mother never took me to a spa.  I took her to her first spa!  I've been taking my daughters to spas since they were 10 years old, and to nail salons when they were 3!  I gave my God Daughter her 1st mani/pedi and also her 1st massage.

I hope you will share my passion for SpaGypsies, Health & Wellness, as well as Spirituality and will follow me on this journey.  Remember... "we are all wanderers"

Best and Say Prayers and Cross Fingers!

Peggy Lee
Chief Spa Gypsy