Monday, September 16, 2013

I Did Not Want to Raise My Prices

Repost from New York Times....

A couple of years ago, I was reading an article about a guy in his 30s, David Geslak, who had started a company in Chicago, Exercise Connection, that works with children who have autism. Reading the article, it became obvious to me that he must have his hands full, trying to teach, to develop programs and to give speeches while also building his business. In part because his mission is dear to me — I have a nephew who is on the autism spectrum — I decided to call him to see if I could offer any entrepreneurial advice.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

+American Airlines please fix my bag

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

American Airlines Baggage Department and Customer Relations

Please see the email response that you sent me today re: my baggage incident in route from LIT to HPN on September 3, 2013.  While I greatly appreciate your quick response, the message to me is totally unacceptable.  I only had 1600 characters to write my issue and was therefore unable to properly address the situation that caused my not filing a claim without your "24 hour window".   Please be advised the following:
1.  I attempted numerous times at HPN airport at the check in reservation counter (there is no AA baggage office at this airport) to file the claim on the spot, I was told that 1) I could not and 2) there were no forms available. 

2.  I repeatedly asked because I had a baggage damage problem at LHR in August 2012 with a different airline and missed the policy of filing before leaving the airport (that's UA's policy).  I told her several times that I did not want the same thing to happen that happened with UA.  She explained that that was not AA's policy and NEVER mentioned the 24-hour window.  Never.  She had every opportunity.  She simply wrote down the baggage department's phone number on an AA baggage ID tag and the number for her local office in White Plains.  I called the local office on the 4th or 5th and have not received a return phone call to date. 

3.  When I did finally get to call AA (remember, I was not told, nor given any type of document to fill out or a website address to read the rules when I attempted to file) I was told to see you, Customer Service, a message on line.  Then, go ahead and write a detailed letter to AA Customer Service also.  I can only assume that the agent I spoke with knew that I would be rejected by you.

So where are we now? Peggy Purtle Lee is supposed to "eat it" once again with American.  It was, by the way, a brand new bag, part of a set of 4 ostrich skinned bags.   It was the FIRST time I used the bag, or the set for that matter.  The handle was RIPPED off one side, that's clearly human error.

First, a bit about me.

First, my AAdvantage number is 2030032.  Do you know what that means?  AAdvantage number started at 1 million, numbers only.  I was a little over your 2 millionth AAdvantage member.  Do you know how many you have now?  I was Platinum for many, many years.  I'm not regular status but that can change at any time.  I am also a supporter of your merger with USAirways for what it's worth.

Second, I do digital marketing, mobile and social media strategy, as well as reputation management for organizations and brands in travel, leisure, hospitality, automotive and health & wellness.  Please understand that I feel it my obligation to notify everyone I can about this incident.  "Consumer beware!".  It is not right.  Totally not morally or ethically right.  I have pictures taken from the airport.  I have names and numbers.  I did what I was told to do.  And you throw the "right of carriage" or whatever it is called in my face as your justification not to help me by paying for my luggage repairs?  If I was still Platinum would you have handled it differently?  That I would really like to know.  Because I would make Platinum, Exec. Platinum and Gold aware in my blogs and social media that they would not have to experience what I experienced.  Please, do let me know so I can assure them that AA cares would their satisfaction with your service offerings and that they would be taken care of. 

I will not accept you response as the final word from AA.  Surely, somewhere in your vast organization someone who is responsible for revenues would at least be inclined to help me. 

Please get back to me as soon as possible.  If there is a way that I can get my baggage repair costs paid, I'd prefer to get it done as quickly as possible.  I am traveling almost every week these days.

Kindest regards,
Peggy Lee
Engage! Consulting

Dear Ms. Lee:

Thank you for contacting us. We are sorry to hear about the damage that you have reported.
We have found that for our customers, the most convenient method of resolving problems of this kind is to refer the damage claim to personnel in our field offices for handling. They have the full authority and responsibility in such matters, and their ability to meet with you and inspect the item allows for an efficient evaluation in accordance with the limits of liability printed on your ticket jacket and posted at our airport counters.
While we work very hard to avoid these mishaps, they do sometimes occur. When this kind of difficulty happens, every effort is made to make amends in a reasonable manner. However, our conditions of liability exclude any damage claim not initially reported before leaving the airport or in person within 24 hours after the arrival of your checked items.
Ms. Lee, again thank you for contacting us. We look forward to welcoming you on board again soon. The next time you travel with us, we will try to make your flight satisfactory in every way.


Stephanie Wilson
Customer Relations

American Airlines

AA Ref#1-1004834692