Monday, August 31, 2009

This is really cool stuff! French friends: grab this iPhone app (
Not good for retail and travel. Many former zero balance cardholders won't take that tripU.S. credit card issuers pare lending limits | Reuters (
Friends and Collegues...Pleae join "b-there Fans"-meetings, events, fun! (
raft Really Cooking W/IPhone--pushing content on recipes! (
Investment in Creation of Unique Content will Drive Results Common SEO Problems of E-commerce Sites - Search Engine Watch (SEW) (
This looks like something I would love--Kraft content on my iPhone (
Wow! Accidently forgot attribution? Newspaper Content Flap Brews In Connecticut 08/31/2009 (
SpaGypsies! My new blog. Just started yesterday (
I'll b-there...Susan Black to Moderate Conversations At OpenTravel's Chicago Seminar :: Hotel Technology Resource (
I totally agree: Don't hide from Trip Advisor Reviews! :: Hotel Technology Resource (
Note #7...SMB's Have become big business.7Major Trends Reshaping the U.S. Corporate Travel Landscape » PhoCusWright Connect (
Freemium...a good term - Evernote, a Free Storage App, Seeks More Paying Users - (
So Obvious! Wi-Fi Access Points Could Be Ad-Targeting Goldmine 08/31/2009 (
Personal Spending Not Back Yet 08/31/2009 (

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My new blog...spagypsies...check it out! (
My new blog!!! Finally after 8 years in the works: spagypsies's Profile | TypePad (

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A good article on Healthcare...Compromise...take care of those who need it, leave the rest alone-- (
BING BING Cha-Ching! Hitwise Intelligence (
ExpertFlyer = airline data. Word Association And Clarity of Focus In The Search Space 08/28/2009 (
Microsoft's secret 'screw Google' meetings in D.C. -- DailyFinance (
Apples To Androids (
The Red Phone...JFK put it in...MediaPost Publications The Red Phone 08/28/2009 (
It raining Dollar Bills and Snapper to boot! YouTube - Spanish Wells, Bahamas Snapper Hauling and Fishing (
Be careful. Facebook used by Criminals!Trumpay's link (
Like this: - Milwaukee's Daily Magazine (
Go Italia! MediaPost Publications Italian Regulators Allege Anticompetitive Behavior By Google 08/28/2009 (
Don't check a laptop on United Airlines. YouTube - United Breaks Guitars (

Friday, August 28, 2009

Unbelievable...Unions vs. Children..Joel Klein vs. New York City teachers : The New Yorker (
Sir Richard Branson does it again... Plans Caribbean Eco-Resort (
Mobile Advertising will be Location Based Services � The New Buzzword in the Travel Industry (
Good job, Joe! We need to know this! Top iPhone Travel Apps » PhoCusWright Connect (
Nine ways the Internet could change that would make Search as we know it Obsolete | Acquisio Search Blog (
Paying with Facebook. What next! FB Rules A Running Summary of Facebook�s Virtual Currency Tests (
I like a consumer it is all good. Dennis Schaal Blog: Expedia Hotel Settlements Turn Lemons into Lemonade (
Small Biz Travel not on a decline! Individual Business Travel Expected to Be Strong :: Travel Industry Wire (
Interesting..Expedia Caught In American Airlines' Fight With Yahoo :: Travel Industry Wire (

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pros/Cons... Corporate Use of Social Networking Still an Executive Concern 08/25/2009 (
Good stuff. MediaPost Publications What A Camp Counselor Can Teach You about Social Media 08/25/2009 (
Virtual Zippo. MediaPost Publications Zippo: From Branded App To Branded Entertainment 08/25/2009 (
iPhone is 12% of mobile adv. impressions.MediaPost Publications iPhone Remains Top Device For Mobile Ads 08/25/2009 (
Fans...good and bad..MediaPost - news and directories for media, marketing and online advertising professionals (
I like this! Linktive tries to end the SEO gaming with a social network for site links (
Seniors Engage. Is it time? LoyaltyOne - 68% of U.S. Consumers Give Loyalty Reward Program Communications Low Scores (

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pointless babble? What People Are Tweeting About - Finding the signal in the noise :: Hospitality Trends (
Delta move is brilliant timing. Airlines Are Sweetening Frequent-Flier Programs - (
Press Room (Mike is a great guy and good friend...congrats!
Mike is a great guy and good friend. Congrats! (

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I'm Leo. It fits. In charge of relationships.SEO Astrology: What's Your Sign Baby? | Search Engine People | Toronto (
I'm an iPhone Mom.MediaPost Publications Hello 'iPhone Mom'? 08/21/2009 (

Friday, August 21, 2009

Priceline Now the #2 OTA » PhoCusWright Connect (
Wow!!! Priceline Now the #2 OTA » PhoCusWright Connect (
Best I've read! List Of The Day: Bad Flight Experience Of The Day (
How to Stay Winner in loosing Economy with Law of Attraction (
Maybe...SEOmoz | Early Detection: How Social Media May Save The World (
SMBs use Online More! MediaPost Publications SMBs Put Deflated Ad Dollars Online 08/21/2009 (
Good tips on blogs...9 Simple Features Your Blog Should Have | Marketing Trenches (
The user owns the data; case closed.MediaPost Publications Do We Matter? 08/20/2009 (
Teens and Mobile Phones Over the Past Five Years: Pew Internet Looks Back | Pew Internet & American Life Project (
"Viral is a thing that happens, not a thing that is" SEOmoz | Early Detection: How Social Media May Save The World (

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Remember Liquid "Blank"? Death By Discovery: The Interminable Churn Of Music Startups | paidContent (
Go Joey Go! Joe Pantoliano is a man on a mission - (
Iraq and Depression and other disorders.Videos » joey pants nkm2 update » (
United Airlines... Does any have a heart there? �Heartless� characterization of airlines-19 August, 2009 ( vs. What do you think?MediaPost Publications AOL Sues Over Trademark 08/20/2009 (
Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, likeMediaPost Publications A Brand's-Eye View of Behavioral Targeting 08/20/2009 (
66% of Marketers used Social Media in 2009 vs. 20% in 2009. ANA - New ANA/B2B Magazine Study: Marketers Embrace Newer Media Platforms (
Facebook | Peggy Lee "If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito." � Unknown (

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Airlines Ancillary Fees Reach New Low.'Pay ¿10 and then you will get your lost purse back,' Ryanair tells distraught girl | Mail Online (

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Check out Green Drinks NYC (
Rearden and Concur will both announce iPhone apps at (TheBeat_travel) on Twitter (
A $99.99 iPhone App...Will it sell? MediaPost Publications A $100 iPhone App For Getting Around 08/17/2009 (
Big Brother to the Rescue! MediaPost Publications FTC Hires Privacy Blogger 08/17/2009 (
Gap's 1969 Jeans Campaign goes straight to Facebook...Marketing 2009 (
The lost art of Personal Touch...Realtionships, Baby! (

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Great Chowder Cookoff, Newport, RI. Brooklyn Chowder Surfer » Episodes (
Watch Ben in Newport, RI--Brooklyn Chowder Surfer » Episodes (
Like this--shares for ideas!!!Suggestion box lets staff members buy shares in ideas - Springwise (
The Top 136 mobile advertising companies (

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Where do you need to b? b-there..meetings, events, fun times.Facebook | b-there Fans (
I like Corky's in Memphis..among MANY others..Readers' picks: Best airport restaurants, shops and services - (
Optimism from Asia on Travel (
And who pays for these Ads? Competing Ads on Health Care Plan Swamp the Airwaves - (
Peggy Likes This!!!!Cabo Azul Resort Vacation Packages - Luxury Link (
What do you think? O'Reilly vs. Obama? The REAL Health Care Debate: The Obama Administration Vs Fox News | Columnists | Mediaite (
Bodes well for Luxury. ASMALLWORLD, High-End Social Networking Site, To Be Profitable By Q4 (
US is not surprising. Work Hours Per Week Around the World (
“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were walls” - Robert Cambell Hello! | Networking For Networkers - Breakfast for Champions (
Tech Salaries Up in 2009. All measurements. - Job search for Technology Professionals (

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Bill's Vision??? Over Big Mac's I think.Microsoft�s Vision of the Future (Parody) | Marketing on the Smart Web (
This is good for informing others about the value of meetings to jobs, etc.Need a place to rant? | Face2Face (
Not the Hotel Penn its bad days, it could have made the list. And the award for America�s worst hotel goes to � (
Bass & Bouillabaisse..."catch it, cook it, eat it" (
b-there Reunion. If you were part of it email me and I'll invite.Facebook | b-there Alumni (
This is really nice. YouTube - Matt Ryd - Poker Face (Lady GaGa cover) on ukulele (
Word of Mouth Media--Social Proof. Good stuff (
Lots of stuff happening in airline world..note Delta loyalty changes.ExpertFlyer Blog: Travel News: Southwest, JetBlue, Secure Flight, Twitter (
Social Media is not a Fad (

Friday, August 14, 2009

Apple vs. Google..coming soon! Matt Spangler: Apple's Big Missed Opportunity? (
Thoughts? Mother Jones Responds to Fiji Water | Mother Jones (
Those not from the Travel Industry: Business Travel is a leading indicator of economic recovery. Watch American Express.. (
This would be great for someone traveling the USA..JetBlue: Go everywhere for $599-13 August, 2009 (
No way...Yes way...No sex in Dubai, officials rule-13 August, 2009 (
Shut Yer Mouth: Man Gets 6 Months for Yawning | NBC Connecticut (
My friend Bret on Corporate Procurement in Asia The Beer Blog: T&E: In for a slow recovery (
I was always nervous in that parking garage. Been there many times. Negligent? Stamford Marriott Claims Woman Was Negligent in Her Own Rape; Hotel Being Sued by Woman Raped at Gunpoint in its Parking Garage / August 2009 (
Sounds like a great event. I may go 1 day in SFO...I'll be there anyway...Women 2.0 » Register for Women 2.0 Startup Weekend: August 28-30 (
Tea Party Commercial. Very impressive for a High School kid. Facebook | Peggy Lee (
Tea Party Commercial. Very impressive for a High School kid. Facebook | Peggy Lee (
Yesterday was in Phillie on Biz. Had a small car accident-iphone related-Assistance from call and road Above and Beyond !Home - AAA Mid-Atlantic (

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You have to watch. Not my opinion but this is hillarious. Long but watch beginning and end Louisiana Gun (

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top Gambling Gateaways Outside Vegas (
Buy DUG. Oil near $69 amid weak crude demand - Yahoo! Finance (
STYX. Come Sail Away With Me. Love this! (
Venture capital returns to the travel industry :: Travel Industry Wire (
Things like the iphone finally bringing mobile usability to the travel vertical. Offering Interactivity and Personalised Info for Mobile Trip Planning :: Travel Industry Wire (
Dennis Schaal Blog: Twitter Travel Search: the Start of Something Big (

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Social Media Marketing: Facebook turns FriendFeed / Ping this! with conduit (
No wonder Southerners don't like the Left. Are liberals seceding from sanity? | Salon (
Jesus is following you????The Journey - To be known as "One who seeks His face": Social Media twist � Is Jesus Christ following you? (
iphone apps. Find Subway Stations in NYC and Tube Staitions across the pond. AWESOME!!! Iconoculture - Consumer Research Service: Trend Observation (
Go Priceline go! These guys continue to be, well, SMART!!Strong Earnings for Priceline - (
A day late on this...but a day worth remembering...Celebrate National S�mores Day on August 10 in Your Own Backyard: Business Wire Business News: HSY - MSN Money (

Monday, August 10, 2009

It is really about relationships. That's my secret sauce, and it's sincere--I love to build relationships. LinkedIn | i-Meet - The Social Network for People Who Plan Meetings & Events Group News (
Good advice "invest" vs. burn". Burning Cash Is For Toasting Marshmallows [cartoon] (
This is dated but it is relevant. Note: ExpertFlyer and Farecase (now bing travel) at bottom. ExpertFlyer | Upgrade: Travel Better (
Pretty Awesome!!! Airline Awards and Upgrades. Something positive about air travel. Rare. Finds 2,400 Airline Awards and Upgrades for Subscribers in 2nd Quarter 2009 (
Rearden is ontrack to accomplish what HP, Apple, General Magic could not...A Personal Assistant for Travel...Slipstream - A Software Secretary That Takes Charge - (
Janice Ashby Janice Ashby INVITATION to a fab series of four Garden Parties for Zimbabwe in Manhattan running from August 11th - 18th - 27th and Sep 8th. (

Sunday, August 9, 2009

b-there's 2nd website. Spread the word to your FB friends to join out fan club...b-there!!!acebook | Message: b-there's 2nd website (
Must watch. Scary. What do you think about the Banking System now? YouTube - Zeitgeist - The Movie: Federal Reserve (Part 1 of 5) (

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My new Business Development and Social Media Client. Check it out!!!Facebook | Home (
Like the Yankees, Bruce Bennett Nissan comes thru with the clincher...Nissan Bridgeport Connecticut | Nissan Stamford Connecticut | Nissan Waterbury Connecticut | Nissan Wilton Connecticut (
So the Yankees Win!!!! Your chowder may be better but your baseball team didn't make the cut! The Brookyln Chowder Surfer : Ben Sargent (
Yankees Fans! You had to b-there..TV or Live..join b-there Fans. A place for the winners of the world...Facebook | b-there Fans (

Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Good! Delta will cut more management jobs - Yahoo! Finance (
Just off the press: Nissan Leaf Electric Car | Nissan USA Official Site See @PeggyLee for details (
NBC Universal to Offer mun2 to All Distribution Partners for Free on August 12 to Increase Access to U.S.-Mexico World Cup Qualifier - U.S. Soccer (
Nice! Finds 2,400 Airline Awards and Upgrades for Subscribers in 2nd Quarter 2009 (
Who makes the best Chowder? Red Sox or Yankees????Brooklyn Chowder Surfer » Blog Archive » Episode Number Thirty Four: One Crazy Sox Fan Serves Chowder @ Yankee Stadium (
My flights for NBTA require help from ExpertFlyer. Want and upgrade? Try it free! Flight Availability | Upgrades | Frequent Flyer Information (
My new client for Business Development and Social Media. Cool stuff! The Brookyln Chowder Surfer : Ben Sargent (
Facebook | b-there Fans Remember When? Good Times in Dot Com 1 (
We need VC support for the Early Stage Start-Up. Bootstrap Business - Entrepreneurial Spirit: Bootstrap Business - The $7m Question about early stage investment risk (

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ok this is great. Follow your designer and find out who makes the knock-off. Fantasy Fashion League : My Teams & Leagues (
This is a great deal...done it done..think I'll do it again..NYC Restaurant Week - Participating Restaurants (
Need a great carpenter and craftsman? Let me know...Facebook | My Photos - Wall Photos (
If You�re Happy and You Know It, Tell Your Phone - Bits Blog - (
YouTube - Bruno Kammerl jumps THIS IS AMAZING!!! (
AirPlay Direct - This is cool! (
Facebook | b-there Fans Join this group if you remember b-there or if you're in the meeting biz (
Who wants to go? Bahamas and Bermuda Cruise Specials | Travelzoo (
Is it possible to love a car so much...and the dealership is absolutely the best...I got the best deal!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

LinkedIn | ~ a travel business community Group (
Facebook | Videos Posted by Jill Gigante: I CANNOT STOP watching this! Crying!#/video/video.php?v=129056048416&ref=nf (
This is really good. Telemarkers vs. A great Crank Caller (
Canyon Ranch - The Power of Possibility® ( New website. Nice. Thoughts? Comments?)
Things With Wings (

Monday, August 3, 2009

those of you who know b-there...please join our fan group on facebook.