Saturday, October 8, 2011

Four Yelo Power Naps for Just $25 Each!

Celebrate SpaFinder's 25th Anniversary with forty winks on Fifty Seventh Street. Wellness means taking the weight off your feet and sinking into a cozy cocoon for half an hour at midtown's hip Yelo Spa. Choose your style of nap—Rescue, Jetlag, Anti-Aging, or Disco—plus additional homeopathic beverages and therapies during your session for just $25 each:

  • Rescue Nap: This 25-minute therapy will save you on a crazed day. Lie back, choose your music, snuggle into the cashmere, and enjoy an icy cool eye treatment and an effective dose of homeopathy to speed your sanity.

  • Jetlag Nap: Get back to Eastern Standard time with this 30-minute revival tool. Acupressure on your ears and neck will help balance your inner clock and banish the ill effects of urban life. Travelease homeopathy will sweeten your siesta.

  • Anti-Aging Nap: A delicious 20-minute includes a Zen facial massage, “Eye’s Tea” herbal tea bag treatment to boost the delicate skin around your eyes, and a restorative 'detox' beverage to revive you.

  • Disco Nap: A dreamy 30-minute siesta includes a Yelo Massage on your feet or head combined with a custom blend of energy boosting oils to get you back on the dance floor. Finish up with an Energy Boosting beverage and you’ll reenter the day like a dynamo.

At $25 a siesta this SpaRahRah! super snooze is a no-brainer!

Concept is interesting but this SpaGypsy is just not sure it would be worth it..I mean, if I could nap, that would be great, but what if it didn't work? And I have to buy 4 to try it?

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